How it all began…

Founded in 2020 by myself, Angela Duncan, Dapper dog accessories all started as I was made redundant due to the consequences of covid. At the start I was scared, like many, not knowing how I was going to provide for myself. However, I must admit this is one of the best things to have happened to me. Leaving school at 17 I studied interior design at college still not knowing exactly where it would take me, after a few years of going from job to job I ended up in a sofa shop - not exactly what I had in mind when I did a interior design degree - when I got made redundant from this job I decided to get creative, not exactly the best time to start a business by myself with the whole country being in lockdown, but at the time I had no idea it would take over my life. As months went on I was able to teach my self more and more on fabric choices, sewing techniques and who the best suppliers where. From here we've just seemed to grow into what is becoming a steady business.

Waking up every day and not having a feeling of dread that I have to go into work again is such a relief, it's exactly why I do it. Having always had a creative mind, that's why I leaned towards interior design, however life had other ideas and I think I've ended up exactly where I need to be as now my love for dogs is included in my job too!

All items in my store are made by myself, I try my best to get all my fabrics from the UK to support other small businesses around me. I hope you enjoyed hearing my story and I hope you enjoy my store even more, thank you for visiting dapper dog accessories 😊!

If you have any questions or would like any specific items made please don't hesitate to give me a message or email me on -

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